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Along with providing custom mobile app development and custom website development services, Kingdom Application Solutions produces it's own line of software products. Currently, we have several mobile apps developed and deployed to the app stores. More software products are in development and will be released at a later time and reflected on this page. We also develop custom software solutions for businesses as needed. Contact us for more information on custom software development for your business need!

Currently Deployed Apps

Our apps seek to provide solutions to problems our users face whether it be church or ministry-related issues, apps for missionaries, or providing entertainment value through games. Listed below are a sampling of our current app products available not including apps we have published for other clients.

  Simple Evangelism

Simple Evangelism is an app that every follower of Jesus can use to lead people into a saving relationship with him. The app guides the user in a conversation with another through simple questions and a pleasant user interface.

Complete with common objections that people may offer, the app gives any Christian the confidence needed to share their faith. The app also offers a growth pathway for new believers that the user can follow to aid in initial discipleship efforts. Evangelism should be easy. Not hard.

This app is currently available on both the Google Play Store an Apple App Store for a low price of $2.99.

We pray it is useful as you seek to lead others to Christ!

  Memory Brain Game

Memory Brain Game is a simple, Simon-like game that aids in building memory strength. The game initially has four levels of increasing difficulty. Tap the buttons that appear randomly every play to finish the level.

Plans are in the works to scale the game to bring more unique game play. Various levels of difficulty will be introduced giving a 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 game experience. These updates will be released later to give the game a more challenging aspect.

This app is available on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Stores for free.