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Presently, we offer two main services at Kingdom Application Solutions LLC: mobile app development and website design and development primarily for churches, ministries, missionaries, and religious non-profit organizations as well as for small businesses and other organizations. Each of these services has the goal of glorifying God through their creation. Read more about each service below.

Mobile apps

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is one of the chief services offered by Kingdom Application Solutions LLC. With the proclivity of mobile phones and their use, mobile apps and mobile software products are used by people around the world. Our aim is to bring affordable mobile app development to many different types of organizations.

Specifically, a hybrid mobile app for your church or ministry can allow for your church or ministry to communicate with your congregation, ministry target area, or mission field. A mobile app can also allow for your business or organization to better reach your customers with your products and services. Often mobile app development costs tens of thousands of dollars for development plus monthly maintenance fees. These high prices often make mobile apps unavailable to churches, ministries, or small businesses.

Our pricing packages seek to bridge the gap between having no mobile app and the high-priced apps by offering much better quality apps, no upfront costs, unlimited updates, and a more custom feel for the app that fits your specific location and needs.

Mobile App Development Pricing

Website Development

Website design & development is one of the foundational services Kingdom Application Solutions LLC offers. A website is the first place people will visit when checking out your church, mission, religious non-profit organization, or small business so it is a vital piece of any organization's marketing and outreach plan. Websites should look nice not only on a computer, but also on mobile phones. We develop "mobile-first" knowing that many people will use their mobile devices when searching for a ministry's web presence. A well-made website illustrates to others that you do things with excellence and builds confidence in your organization.

A custom website for your church, ministry, mission, religious non-profit organization, or business can enable you to effectively communicate with your congregation, ministry target area, mission field, donors, or customers. We offer a robust, website that increases search engine optimization and other website metrics to get your organization noticed. Contact us through the contact page if you are interested in website development for your organization or click the button to learn more about our pricing packages.

Website Development Pricing

Website development